Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kitchen Desk Makeover

I found this little gem in the garage at an estate sale hiding under all the other things for sale.  I loved the enamel top, even with it's scratches and dings (you know, "perfect imperfections").  I thought this would make a great desk in a kitchen.  It could be a cute island if someone set it up on a platform.  It's 30" tall, so I think it would need a little more height to serve as an island.

I tried a new technique to get a "chippy" paint look, using Vaseline between layers.  I just put the Vaseline in spots that I wanted to show through like paint chipping.  I did that with each layer of color, trying to get a look of years of repainting.  I thought it came out pretty nice.  Anyway, here's the before and after:

Someone had already repainted this, but I think it needed some sprucing up.

And here she is!  

Here are some details of the "chippy" paint.  What do you think?

I think she looks much cheerier now!

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