Monday, November 28, 2011

A Little Bit of Christmas

I'm back on the road for my last job this year after getting to be home for a week for Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed being with my hubby and getting to visit with my kids and grand kids.  Thanksgiving was a real treat, since my son and daughter-in-law did the hosting.  My man decided to try his hand at frying a turkey.  Oh boy!  I was reading up on every tip about how to avoid causing a fire, getting burned, etc., etc.  He actually got it done without a hitch.  And it was tasty!  I wish I had thought to take pictures.   

I thought I would work on a furniture project while I was home.  But my husband bought so much furniture while I was away, that there was no room to work in our garage!  Not so long ago he was telling me, "no more furniture purchases until you sell some".  I did sell that dining room table and chairs, but he bought a whole lot more than that.......2 wardrobes, a china cabinet, a bookshelf, 6 dining chairs, a buffet, a side table, 2 mirrors, and probably a couple of things I'm forgetting.  I told you he got carried away!  He spent less than $350 for everything all at one estate sale!  

Here is where the little bit of Christmas comes in.  I wanted to accomplish something while I was home.  So I decided to work on a couple of things for Christmas decor.  I found this little hurricane lamp at an estate sale over the weekend for $3.  I had the pine cones from last year.  I got the berries for 50% off at Michael's for $1.  I think I might paint the base white after I get back home.  

I really wanted to use this pedestal bowl I also found over the weekend.  I bought the big glass ornaments for this purpose.  But I'm still trying to figure out if I like it.  Maybe I just need to add some greenery or something.  I'll work on that when I get back.  Anyway here it is for now.

I got those candle pedestals at the same sale.  Love them!

This last little project is my favorite.  I read about using this technique on a blog recently.  I feel terrible, but I cannot remember which blog it was on.  If I run across it, I'll give you an update.  You just cut the burlap in strips and tie each strip into a knot around your wreath ring.  Be sure to overlap each strip as you go.  It's also a good idea to be sure your ring is a similar color to your burlap.  I just used some raffia from the container my pine cones were in to hang the wreath.  And then stuck a cluster of berries in it.  Simple as that! Here it is.

I love it on my window!  I still need to work on getting it more "Christmassy"

I love that I can leave this up year round just by taking the berries out!

I did get my tree up too.  But I still want to work on it a little more when I get home before I post any pictures of it.  

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!  What have you done for your Christmas decor this year?  I'd love to hear from you!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dining Table Sold!

I recently moved some of my pieces for sale into a new space which just opened on November 1st.  I just got a text from them that my dining table has already sold, only 5 days after opening.  I am so excited!  I displayed the table with the chairs not made-over, to give the buyer an option of painted (for a price of course!) or "as is". That was actually the store owner's idea and I'm glad I listened.   They took the chairs "as is", which is great since I'm not even home to paint them right now.  If you've been reading my blog at all lately, you know that I am currently on the road for my work until December 9th.  I've been itching to get back home and paint some more pieces as it is.  Now I really can't wait!  I've got to hit the road running with my projects when I get home.

I already posted these pictures on the original reveal here where you can see the before and after.  Anyway here's the table!

I never did take pictures of the chairs, but I didn't do much with them anyway.  I took off the ugly green material that was covered in cat hair from the seats.  Then after finally getting that off by removing a gazillion staples, I discovered a kind of funky gold and muted green diamond patterned material underneath.  The material actually looked great with the table!  The dark chairs were a nice contrast as well.  I could kick myself for not taking a picture of the whole set together!  Oh well, live and learn.

Thanks for visiting! 

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Little Homesick

As I sit here in yet another hotel room, in another city not my home, I am really getting homesick.  This time of year is when my contracted work comes.  So I have to take it now while opportunity knocks.  Every year about this time, I start questioning why I do this.  So far, I have come to the conclusion that the good outweighs the bad........................

When I'm not on the road, which is most of the year, I am free to enjoy my family to the fullest.

Before the grandchildren

I can have my grandchildren over anytime.



I can take off for a weekend with my hubby.

I can have lunch with one of my daughters-in-law..........

Or my friends.

I love these women!

I can work on my furniture makeovers and projects. 

So for me it's always seemed like a good trade off.  I can earn a part-time income by working full-time for a few months and then be footloose and fancy free the rest of the year.    

This summer I ventured into my furniture makeovers as a business.  I really didn't have enough time to get it really going before I started my traveling.  So, now I'm really itching to get home and paint something too!  As I look through all the wonderful blogs out there, I can't wait to get back to it and post my projects!

Thanks for the visit.  Please be sure to check back!