Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Little Table for a Friend

The story behind this little table is just so cool!  My daughter-in-law was sprucing up her house and and sent me a text saying, "Do you want this?  I'm putting it by the road otherwise".  Here's the table..............

So I'm sure you've guessed.  My response was, "Yes!".  Now here comes the really awesome part of the story.  While out to lunch with my dear friend, Debbie, she mentioned she was on the lookout for a small little side table to put next to her couch.  She had just rearranged her family room, and didn't have room for her existing end table by the couch.  I got so excited!  I asked her about what size she wanted.  And she showed me pretty much the exact size of this little table!  I pulled out my phone and showed her what I had just gotten the week before from my daughter-in-law.  She almost cried at God's perfect provision!  It was exactly what she was looking for!  Told you it was a great story!  Once we discussed what she wanted, I got to work.

So here is the perfect little table I made over for my friend!

First, I used ASCP Old White.  It did take two coats to cover.  Then I applied clear wax.  After that, I did a little distressing with 100 grit sandpaper.  I then did a very light touch of dark wax mixed with mineral spirits, and wiped away.  Then, one more final coat of clear wax.  This was a quick easy transformation!

Debbie was thrilled with her table!  I think God loves to give us these little surprises and see us smile.

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