Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dining Table Makeover

I have started a new project that is beginning to take form.  It's funny once you start sanding a piece, it kind of speaks to you as to how it should be painted.  I had one thought in mind until I started the sanding and then a whole different idea came to me.  Anyway, this dining room table is what I've started to transform.  I think she'll be a real beauty once I finish!

I think someone must have used this as a work table.

I love the leaves that open out on each end.  No storing them like alot of tables.

All the way opened she is 90 1/2" long.  That's 7 1/2 Feet!

I don't think I'll get much work done today because I am watching one of my grandsons all day.  Maybe I can squeeze a little in during naptime. :)  Be on the lookout for the completion of this beauty soon.  I can't wait for the outcome myself!

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Anonymous said...

I simply can't wait to see it finished!