Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now It's a Vanity "Fair"

Remember this "not so vanity fair"?

Well, it's finished!  I debated back and forth on whether to include a skirt on it because it hides the pretty spindle legs.  My husband convinced me to put a skirt on it.  He thinks that's part of the charm of the piece.  I guess in the end, I agreed with him.  I actually had to add some snaps to keep the top of the skirt from sagging where the arms are.  Those are not in this picture.  I took the pics before those got put on in order to get a posting up for a grand opening at the shop where it is up for sale.  Anyway, without any further ado.........

Sorry for the quality of the pictures.  I need some lessons on how to get a better shot.  Unfortunately I can't get my daughter-in-law, the professional photographer, to take my pics all the time.

Next project, a small dresser with mirror.  Come back soon!

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Nancy Jo said...

Beautiful! Love it <3